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05-06-2011, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by ZTempest
The way I sort of interpret this is that progress (i.e. new ships, etc) for the KDF faction is directly tied to the KDF faction population....and the other thing I get out of this is that, as has been rumored in some other threads and which has always been sort of dismissed in the past is that there may well be a main plot element that will bring the KDF and Federation factions back together in Alliance.
Actually, the tone of the messages from Cryptic have been reflecting this for awhile now. They are careful to assure us we are important, but at the same time you can't fault them for investing their development resources in areas of the game where the most players will benefit. The irony here is that if they had delivered a more functional faction at launch, the population would enjoy a far larger number of players than it does today.

However, I do not believe the KDF faction would have ever been able to field equal numbers, even if the faction was perfect at launch. All multi-faction Trek games have always had Federation players outnumbering the other factions. If you think about the focus of the series, this makes sense anyway since we spent the most time with the Federation in all the series and the story was originally intended to be a non-threatening platform for the exploration of current societal values.