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05-07-2011, 01:19 AM
I unfortunatley see a long term goal of them folding us back into the federation, once again bound to the constrictions of the prime directive and cliche federation gameplay.

In another year instead of unique faction specific content we will all be at the mercy of cannon nazis and forced to click through dialogue trees of trite moral dillemas and complete ethical mind numbing boredom.

I could be wrong but it feels like the vocal federation players are crying for an end to the war and to impose their version of startrek on the rest of us, while the people that want to play Klingons are going to have to find somewhere else to do it.

We just don't have the population to justify our own faction anymore, and that bloc of fed players that hates the war, hates seeing Klingons asking for content and hates anything in star trek that isn't peace and morality overcoming everything is going to keep pushing for us to get folded into one faction.

Then they will promptly all start flying KDF carriers.