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Originally Posted by Sworoth View Post
Well i hope they dont do that, but that brings up a few issues. First it eliminates pvp, unless they make a full fledged Romulan faction. Or they do a monster play type of thing like Lord of the rings, and i think that would truly kill the game.

Secondly about 50 percent of the episodes/quests on the federation side include fighting the klingons. So how are you going to explain fighting the klingons, and then turning around saying oh we are at peace with them. As a star trek fan i would like to see the Alliance renewed, but as far this being a mmo, it is really too late for that. Too much is tied into this war between the Klingons and the Federation
Well, there are two easy solutions for that...

PvP on the Fed side against Klingon players is actually a sideshow compared to the Faction on Faction PvP "Wargames" the Feds play with each other. There are even Fed players who absolutely refuse to PvP against Klingons...but have no problem with inter-Faction Wargames. If the merge does indeed happen...then I think that PvP will transition into more of those "Wargames" when it comes to Klingons...which would mean that both competing teams on a PvP map could end up being a mix of Fed and Klingon vessels. With the episodes, all Cryptic has to do to keep the integrity of the storyline is to describe those Klingons the Feds are fighting in PvE as "rebel houses" that the KDF can't fully control......

If there is such a merger...and if there is a rebel faction....count me in it. The Marquis never did know how to do things right...