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05-07-2011, 08:36 AM
Q: Felderburg When will Klingons get Orion, Nausicaan, Gorn, etc. ships at lower levels?
A: Our goal in 2012 is to add more variety to the KDF ship lineup so that there are viable ships in each class at each tier. Over the next several months you will see us release new Klingon ship variants at the lower tiers. Few of these will be non-Klingon ships. It is TBD if you will ever see low tier ships that are Orion, Gorn, or Nausicaan, based on whether or not the KDF faction increases population over the next year.

What a lousy excuse to do nothing.
Just to bring the point to where the cash flows - if you don't advertise your product - nobody will buy it.
And if you don't make a move to attract more players there won't be more players. You just seem to forget that players are no redshirts that regenerate over time. A player lost due to your poor standards is a player that won't advertise the game in any positive manner.

So the message is - if you (the player) can't get another (possible) player to join the KDF-faction there won't be any improvements.

I'm sorry CRYPTIC - it's your job to get more players! That's what your payed for!