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05-07-2011, 11:36 AM
Originally Posted by Leirus
OK, I played through Tygokor again. I gave you 3 stars.

Combat: It was OK as is on Lieutenant General level. I died three times in the first space battle with the Command Ship and the Carrier. My fitting is quite good, but perhaps I wasn't fully awake yet. The rest of the battles were a piece of cake. Support during the first space battle with the carrier and command... Yeah, they are dead so quickly you could just leave them out. (3 stars)

Technical: I could not complete the last map, because your Romulan Commander got killed by AOE weapons. I remember that happened the first time with the Original version, too.
(But I replayed the map back then...) Simple solution: Make the objective a reach marker and spawn in the commander after the battle with the two squads guarding him. (1 star) (for now)

Maps: Some are quite nice. I have seen better, I have created far worse. (4stars)

Story: This would be a great LAST episode in a series. As a standalone it feels a bit like: Get out all the big guns and then blast them for no reason. But thats only my opinion.
It also feels pretty straight forward. No optional objectives, no branching dialogue. (2 stars)

I think you could easily get 4 or even 5 stars from me, if you improved the story and made that little change on the technical problem mentioned.

Hope that helps.

PS I think I also played "Hunter Killer" the other day and if I remember right, I gave it a good review. I would have to check, too many "Hunter" or "Hunt" missions out there.
ok thanks for playing.

I have gone back again and cleaned up the end. i had moved him away from the fighting but i guess the firing through walls was still doing him in.

I have made it so be spawns after the combat and even added a little forcefield so people dont hit the reach marker too early. it should (fingers crossed) work now its been republished.

the initial fight is meant to be tough, but not that tough. ive never had an issues, so ill just leave and wait to see what people think. i really dont want to nerf it as its meant to be a bit full on.

i did add about 4 or 5 optional things to do. they are sort of like Easter eggs so you can walk right past them in fairness but they are there.

i totally understand why you would say it feels like its the end to a story and needs a part 1 and 2. in many ways it is a big climatic action ep but i wanted to throw people into the action straight away, then start revealing the story.

adding a part 1 and 2 would totally destroy the story that im telling as its a sort of a mystery story in a way. its meant to be like this. you're not really supposed to fully understand what's going on, because your characters does not know what's going on either at this stage. its a mystery that gets revealed over time. hopefully once its all complete it will make total sense.