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On may 31st at 8 pm central standard time i will be hosting a meeting to form a multi fleet alliance. All fleets who have an interest to join may send 1 ambasador to determine how many fleets are involved. there are several objectives and possibilities in mind.

1- the idea is to create a large set of alliances that will allow for the trading of information, tequniques, and the pooling of recources in order to strengthen all guilds involved and hopefully the entire KDF faction.

2- the possibilitie of polls and other means of determining the wants of the KDF as a whole to facilitate cryptic and possibly an expansion of content is underway as well.

3- a centrailized communication system possibly including voice systems like vent to allow full cross guild coordination in even pugged pvp.

4- the combination of the pooling of major guilds could allow for a more unfied KDF voice(to facilitate cryptic and increase the possibilite of new content) and increased PVP effectiveness of the entire KDF faction.

May 31st 8pm central standard time in the great hall council chamber is where i will be, once all ambasadors have arrived we will comence the meeting at a seperate as yet undecided location.