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In the Foundry, can we please have access to the rest of the generic ship interiors that we see when we choose "visit the bridge" in game?
By this I mean, the crew quarters, engineering, sickbay and transporter pads. Just like you have for Space Dock and other established maps. Having the established ship interiors would exponentially speed up the design of missions that take place on starships making for a much friendlier experience for those who just want to concentrate on story.

(Oh by the way be sure to include the TOS constituion interiors too, they're fantastic!)

This seems like it would be an easy request to fulfill since the interiors already exist and would be great for all those folks who love to do role playing but would like to use the foundry to have a little more control.

As a bonus:
It would spice things up a little if a couple of extra "modules" were created based on those interiors that could be linked or attached to the existing ones. (Possibly linked via map transitions to avoid complications.) Things like labs, the briefing room (where the "First Contact" missions take place) that already exist, or extra corridors with crew quarters, the shuttle bay, 10-Forward and other neat touches would be great too.