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05-07-2011, 10:55 PM
Commdore's Log Stardate 82215.6

My recent promotion to Commodore, and transfer of many personal possessions from the Avenger to my new command, Crimson Station, has given me time to reflect quite a bit.

As I removed the display case that has adorned my ready room walls for the past several years, a flood of memories I see most every day hit me stronger than usual.I've been asked about the contents before, several Borg components, and two holo-images.

The story is the most important of my life and it started 7 years ago.

I was a freshly graduated Academy Graduate, green as heck, and ready for my first assignment. I wasn't top of my class, but I was good enough to be offered a position aboard the Nikola Tesla, captained by the legendary Nivar Ise. I had heard many stories from his son, Roden, a fellow classmate. I was given the rank of Ensign and a post in Security and Tactical. Several months passed by with pretty normal starship operations. Then one day, my life changed.

We picked up an emergency distress call from a colony world on the Klingon border, it was under attack by a Borg ship. We were not the only ships to respond, so did a Klingon Bird of Prey , the IKS Conqueror.When we arrived it had only begun to engage the Sphere. We began firing weapons, but even our combined attack did little damage. The Klingon ship took a direct hit to the Bridge, killing its command crew instantly. But a lone Bekk in their Auxiliary control center took command, and kept firing.

The Chief Tactical Officer was incapacitated by a console explosion, and I had to take over. I fired our weapons as best I could, but I couldn't do a thing. Then, three Borg beamed aboard the Bridge when our shields got knocked out. The first went down with a phaser shot, the others adapted. Without a second thought, I jumped in the way of the other two trying to assimilate the Captain, managing to kill the second just as I felt the cold metal of the last ones injection tubules enter my neck.

The whole world change, voices started to grow, I had to resist! With all my strength, I ripped the wires from the back of the drones head, and killed it. The Captain yelled for tow officers to take me to sickbay, then I heard a voice inside me, "Primary Shield Matrix Fracturing at Subjunction 12." I knew what I had to do, I pushed away the crewman, staggered to the Tactical Console, the voices screaming in my ears and initiated a Tetryon pulse and a quantum torpedo spread. My final sight before the voices consumed me was the sight of the Sphere's shields dropping as the torpedoes hit their mark!

I woke up several days later, my brash action meant I would have Borg parts in my body for as long as I lived. Several other patients were there, several humans I had never seen before and several Klingons. The Captain told me that they had recovered several Borg from the sphere and liberated them. Even more important was that the young Bekk had been partially assimilated as well.

For my actions that day I was appointed Chief Tactical Officer in place of Lieutenant Vincent who had died from injuries. I gained my Lieutenant rank but more importantly, I was given the job to help the injured Borg regain their individuality.

The Bekk was named Kane and took care of the liberated Klingons. We both spent months helping them (and ourselves) adjust back to normal lives, with help from Capatin Ise. We had Borg parts remaining and so did they, it made us their teachers and their family. But we worked hard to help them and us recover from the experience. Soon the family broke up, Kane and the Klingons returning to the Empire, and several of my new family moving to different postings. Some even gained their own commands, while the last of the Borg became an officer in every ship I ever served.

Kane and myself maintained a close friendship over the years, even when the War started. We talked often and both attended the funeral of Capatin Ise, who died during a pitched battle with a Klingon ship. We vowed to do everything in our power fight for peace. It is that friendship that started the first joint Starfleet-Klingon operation of the century, the Crimson Task Force.

So I kept a Borg piece from each and everyone of my special family. Eye pieces, cranial implants, each had a story and a person they reminded me of. And a holo image of all of us together. Another of the Captain who had so changed me and help me become the officer I am today.