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05-08-2011, 06:46 AM
Originally Posted by Sworoth View Post
Again a interesting point how you turned that around, but i am also glad that i am not alone in saying no to merging the federation/Klingon factions.

To go a little off point but to the point, its as one the previous posters posted they do not advertise the klingon faction. Even on the website there is no pictures of klingon warships, no specifications. To add to further insult i am a LT commander on my klingon and all i can look forward to as far as leveling is repeatable destroy missions, dailies, and the episode seasons. Its no surprise that allot of people do not want to play klingons, leveling a fed is easy, leveling a Klingon is pain. When i leveled my fed toon to vice admiral i kept going because i wanted to see how the story ended.
We don't need to merge the factions, perhaps open DS9 to both fleets and allow cross-teaming for STF's....perhaps that's all.