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05-08-2011, 10:04 AM
It's not less than 1%.

I've been using FAW more commonly since the update, as it was actually made useful. Even so, I still miss more times with it active than I do with it inactive.

Yesterday while doing a community authored mission, I noticed that I was missing quite a bit, even against small fighters. However, this was also the same deal when I did my B'trans a few days ago going up against Romulans.
i actually noticed faw hitting more than usual, and did some testing.

with +[acc] beams there was no difference between FAW and not-FAW (recorded 3 misses out of 450)

when using [crith] [critd] ect beam, big difference

not faw = 117 misses out of 450
faw = 3 misses out of 450

normally with 85% defense, there was a 30% chance to miss
faw or [acc] beams reduced that to <1%

since no one knew how to parse, this was based on eyeball-counting only. so there are some discrepancies, but there was overwhelming favor for faw

we had a faw cruiser with +[acc]x2 beams and an escort with normal beams firing at a tank-bop running at full speed (85 defence value) at 6-8km