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05-08-2011, 12:29 PM
I've always thought scaling the proc would be a good idea.

90% chance of 10% bleed through,

80% chance of 20%,

70% chance of 30 % etc

The exact ratios would obviously need testing and tweaking and are purely for demonstrational purposes, but it'd make them more intresting, they'd have the potential to "lay the smack down" on someone like other torps, but not with the certainity to make it a garaunteed uber-torp. I think the various odds of different penetrations would balance it out, so it'd be more effective, but not so bad people instantly cry out for the nerf.

Another idea I had was a chance (again, ideal percentage would require testing) to penetrate shields altogether in addition to how they are now.

I tried for a long time to make them work, and I just couldn't. I'm a quantum guy now.