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05-08-2011, 01:48 PM
I agree with these posters (even though I'm posting about half a year after them). Here's my story:

Had issues with downloading patches for other MMOs before, so I always kept one folder on one of my storage drives just for backing up MMO patches. You wouldn't believe what a life-saver that folder was.

Last week, I had an issue with my OS and had to reinstall. After taking care of the major issue itself - bad sector on my primary hard drive - I finally got my operating system reinstalled. During the process, however, I lost all the files on the storage drive where I normally store my backed-up programs. This includes the folder where I stash all of my MMO patch back-ups.

I'm trying to patch STO as I type this, but it has been over an hour now and the launcher is once again only at 5%. I live with other individuals, and early last month we set up a wireless LAN in the house. We have one wireless modem connected via Ethernet to a wireless router that the LAN controller (a computer in the dining room) is hard-wired to. All the other computers in the house - a computer in the room where my brother and his gal live, a laptop in their daughter's room and my computer in my room - connect to the modem via wireless NIDs, and there are three video game systems in the living room that connect to the router to minimize network load somewhat. We live in a large house, and this is not a system that can be easily altered just for one specific reason (i.e. connecting my computer - located in the rearmost bedroom in the house - to the modem - located in the kitchen/dining room - just to download patches for STO). We attempted that a while back when we added an Xbox 360 to the mix, and I can't begin to tell you about the various levels of Hades we all descended through just to enable file sharing between the Xbox 360 and my computer so we could watch one film (which we wound up burning to disc later, anyway, after getting fed up trying to get everything working without signal conflicts or noticeable network lag). It's not only a miracle any of us can get online at all at times, it's an even greater miracle that I can get STO running without lag. You can easily tell when my wireless signal falters for even a second: levels take a few seconds longer to load.

The problem this creates for reinstalling the game is this: if my wireless signal falters for a nanosecond, it drops the STO launcher's connection to the server and the patch process must begin all over again once it reconnects. On my previous attempts, it got to about 8% and failed (and this is after I've made sure all other Internet-enabled software on my computer - background process or not - has been paused or otherwise de-activated). I'm very, very fortunate this time around; alt-tabbing back to the launcher, the updater has gotten to 29.5% and counting, so maybe the connection won't reset again and I'll finally manage to get the game patched.

It's only STO's launcher that has this issue. My browser's connection via the wireless LAN isn't nearly as unstable. I could probably download patch files - in small batches of files or one at a time, whatever works - from a webpage on Cryptic's tech support site much quicker than the loader can get them. Another science fiction MMO I was addicted to for a time, Star Wars Galaxies (please, make no remarks about my taste in MMOs), used to have a webpage somewhere where I could nab patch files, and there are Q only knows how many personal sites out there that host World of ******** patch files for WOW addicts to nab as needed. It would be a piece of mercy for STO to have something similar, at least as a back-up.

STO game loader is now patching at 39% and holding... Let's hope the connection stays stable.

UPDATE: *sigh* Nevermind. Now at 9.9%...