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05-08-2011, 02:59 PM
Originally Posted by Startruck
instead of that why not incourage your fellow fleet memebers to use the klingon empire channel to organize and communicate with fellow klingons?

I don't think people are going to want to merge fleets into one massive superfleet.

I really think though that the remaining Klingon fleets need to get together for sure, but the question of leadership and chancellors etc seems counter productive, no fleet leader is going to willingly decide to allow another fleet's leader to tell them what to do.

I personally would love to see the fleets come together and start a massive social campaign to start events on weekends, organized forum posting for both getting new players and challenging starfleet players to be more active in pvp, and using the unified voice of the various fleets to better communicate to cryptic about what we need both short term and long term to populate our faction.
this is actually more what i am going for, only use an independent chat channel, like you said coordinating pvp efforts/ unifying our voice and as i said earlier pooling resources. i am looking for more of an alliance of fleets, i absolutely do not want a merger, just for the fleets to work together and coordinate. this will be a relatively informal thing consisting of several goals and programs.

Once monthly meetings of ambassadors to tell the results of their independent fleet polls so we know what to tell cryptic.

during the monthly meetings scheduling of joint fleet actions and pvp events i am thinking our first event should be CE, start out with a bang.