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05-08-2011, 04:09 PM
Originally Posted by Startruck
I think merging the factions would be a terrible mistake for cryptic, it would force every player to then have to do moral dillema ethical starfleet missions.

I don't personally like starfleet, I hate the rigid silly rules and regualtions.

I hate that there is a whole playerbase dedicated to forcing that rigid silly ethical playstyle on the game.

The best part about playing a klingon, and making klingon foundry missions, is you are never obligated to address the stupid prime directive in every single mission you do.

If they did merge us, that would go away, we would be klingon players playing fed centric storylines and the only difference for us would be the way our ships and characters looked.

That would kill immersion for me personally.

My Klingon is not captain picard with ridges on his forehead, hes a bloodthirsty warrior cutting a path across the galaxy with no time for the weakness of others.

I do not want to merge in the federation and have to start doing missions where I deliver medical supplies, solve diplomatic negotiations and "do the morally and ethically right thing"
We can have the situation with the feds and the KDF of Kirk of the TOS shows and perhaps the movies....or we can have the KDF fed relationship from the TNG era...either way we can continue to do what we KDF players have done before...there is nothing to have us follow Starfleet designs in missions.