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05-09-2011, 05:09 AM
Some comments from reviewers of ST-SSR, E01: "Black Boxes":

"Great mission, really faithful to Star Trek."
- TC-111 (5 stars)

"I'm keeping an eye on this writer."
- Sprint01 (5 stars)

"Detailed plot line, excellent usage of puzzles and multiple inputs"
- RKRider (5 stars)

"Great mission with a lot of thought and time put into the dialogue."

- carnagefiend (4 stars)

"One word: Wow!"
- The.Grand.Nagus (5 stars and entry in The Nagus List)

"THIS is a writer to watch."
- senet (5 stars)

"Oh man oh man, was that good."
- dorko1 (5 stars)

"I'm considering the fact that this might be a professional script that you somehow got your hands on."
- SecondSaalel (5 stars)

"Sorry but OMG the dialog sucked."
- elsenorjose (1 star)

"Nice attention to detail and use of various uniforms in the shuttlebay scene."
- queetz (5 stars)

"A very cool, 'not-your-ordinary-mission' mission."
- Captain.Hunter (5 stars)

- JWS64 (5 stars)

"Well thought out in the spirit of Star Trek TOS."
-MjrSquirrel (4 stars)

"Lots of glorious realistic fluff with the cadets and the co-pilot of the runabout."
- Arcainite (5 stars)