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05-09-2011, 07:23 AM
Originally Posted by devast8tor View Post
Actually, the tone of the messages from Cryptic have been reflecting this for awhile now. They are careful to assure us we are important, but at the same time you can't fault them for investing their development resources in areas of the game where the most players will benefit. .
I do not fault them per se, but saying a faction is important and then telling us to go wait in a corner is hardly conducive to increased population.

Originally Posted by Startruck
It's a catch 22 no doubt.

I swear if they fold us into the federation though i am going to start a resistance sabotage movement that will make the maquis look like toddlers with squirt guns.
I'll quit if they fold us into the federation just to save themselves some effort.
Better to play another game then become STO's second class citizen in fact instead of just theory.
I have little faith that the KDF would continue to grow meaningfully if such an event happens.