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05-09-2011, 10:28 AM
I would suggest players, or testers try creating before they rip a part someones hard work. I've created some missions and read some reviews playing other missions that are outright hurtfull and mean, that would not be if the person spent any time in foundry. I know this because all you have to do to find a mission created by a player is type in their @ name and it will bring up all missions created by that individual. I have searched for player content by some of the players with the harshest reviews, and find nothing. I did a mission that took a week to complete and it still needed massive edits in a revision. Its not an easy process by any means, and most of us are still very much learning as we go.

Next time you submit a review on a USG you might want to understand what it is you are reviewing..

I will remind everyone that submits a review that people spend their own time on these missions, they are not getting paid by Cryptc or work for Cryptic, we do it because we love the game and want new fresh content.

Most of the missions I've played are very good considering they are created by Amatures, even the worst of the USG missions do not deserve the harsh ratings, I've yet to play a USG that was anything less than three stars.

With this said I as a USG publisher very much appreciate constructive feedback and learn a lot about my missions from the people that play them, things I would never see as the publisher, please continue this but keep it civil and real!