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05-09-2011, 10:16 AM
I agree with the general direction of this thread. WE ARE KLINGONS, not Federation lap-dogs.
"We need breathing room." - Gen Chang, ST VI.

The only time that the fleets met was during DS9 and the only reason that happened is because Gen Martok and Galron didn't know if the Empire had enough resource to fight the Dominion on their own. If they did, then the "Way of the Warrior" episodes would not have ended the way it did. The extent of the alliance was shared resources, not objectives or political goals. And STO should be no different.

If Klinks come into Fed space, it should be only for the sake of either insuring the safety of the empire (read: fight Borg, Undine) or establish supply and trade routes (read: DS9 access).
Other than that, there should be no interaction and surely no consideration to the Prime Directive (whatever that is about) in their missions.

Just my $0.02