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I think often how can we drive people to play more KDF over Federation. In a previous post, I tried to see what was lacking and pve content was one b a large margin. One of my statement was and still is that content needs to come first before people pour in Qo'nos.

I have been and always be a supporter of content created by Cryptic that can carry a warrior from level 1 to cap with a minimum of gaps in the flow. But, for good or bad reasons, this content will be slow to come since they argue population is too low to justify spending labor and money on it.... Chicken and the Egg thing i suppose.

Why don't we use Foundry as a 'promotion tool' to recruit more warriors. People out there making KDF centric missions to are suitable level wise, engaging story wise and with good gameplay. I will be honest, I suck at writting stories, but I only wanted to bring that idea to attention for those more creative inclined than I am to help KDF rise in popularity.

I know it can be a double edged sword where Cryptic can say "Well, here you go, you have all that Foundry content, we don't need to make any for you anymore". But if the population is there and the real demand for content is here, it will have more weigh...

Thoughts and volunteers?