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Peace at Last?
by neotom52345

"The end of the war between the Federation and the Klingons may be in sight. The Deferi have agreed to host a conference between the two warring factions. However, tensions are running high, and one faction may not be so keen about this peace conference...."

Final Rating: 4 Stars

You're tasked to run security for a diplomatic conference at Defera. After being briefed on the situation by the Federation ambassador, you beam down to the conference room.

Once there you speak with the Deferi that's running the conference and then you have an opportunity to actually go around and set up security details. When you're ready the ambassadors from both sides beam down.

Before the negotiations really start, your ship calls, a Breen fleet is attacking. Your team, along with security personnel from your ship, fight off Breen soldiers. Then you're tasked to get to the Federation Ambassador's shuttle to retrieve classified documents. Exiting the building, you assist the Klingon security troops in fighting more Breen attackers, and make your way to the ambassador's shuttle.

The shuttle explodes and you're unable to locate the documents in the wreckage, so you beam up to your ship and help the fleet fight off the rest of the Breen fleet.

Problems with the mission: A couple of typos. Such as, after speaking with the ambassadors "receiving and incoming" should be "receiving an incoming."

There were a few problems that I did not mark down for, as they may be bugs or things beyond the author's control:

When calling in security, the beam in FX didn't happen with the two groups in the room.
When speaking to the ambassadors I typed in the air and made computer bleeps.
Was a Devidian supposed to beam in with the Breen? A bug perhaps?
It was odd that the two UGC contacts typing at the center consoles ignored the battle and just kept typing. I guess they had a deadline.
When I went to scan the wreckage of the shuttle the interact bar said; "Interact."

Final Thoughts: It was a simple story, but very well done. While there were obvious hooks for a sequel, this mission stands well on its own. I especially like how it seemed that I really was in charge of the conference security, and the decisions that I made actually affected the outcome of the mission.