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Sha Ka Ree and Gre'thor
by shamrockduck

"P'Jem is under siege by an alien force never before encountered by Starfleet, and it's up to you to stop them!"

Final Rating: 2 Stars

Starfleet has lost contact with the monastery on P'Jem and wants you to respond code 3. Warping into the system you realize that you need to destroy 5/5 enemy ships. After taking the enemy ships out, your engineer is able to pierce the dampening field and beam you down.

On the surface you find yourself in a forest in a dark night with heavy mist. Then you run around, rescuing the monks and fighting the bad guys, in a forest, in the dark, in thick heavy mist.

After killing dozens and dozens of enemies, in a dark forest at night in heavy mist, you are able to find and deactivate the dampening field generator. Your team and the rescued survivors beam back up to the ship.

Problems with the mission: The mission door (P'Jem) is not shown in the Mission Tracker. I mark down for this. The player needs to be able to find the mission even if they go AFK or forget what was written in the blurb or mission accept windows.

Defeat unidentified ships (0/5). Without a definite reason this just feels like it's dragging out the mission for no reason.

On the planet's surface it's night in the middle of a forest filled with thick mist. I was constantly bumping into rocks and trees that I couldn't see. Several times I was stuck in between several objects and couldn't see why or how to get out. This was extremely frustrating and a major mark down. What player wants to play a game that they can't even see?

There were way WAY too many enemies on the ground. It did nothing to advance the story, and after killing wave after wave after wave of them for absolutely no reason it just got boring. Zillions of enemies is not a substitute for a good story.

Final Thoughts: No story or plot advancement. Why did they attack P'Jem? I don't know. Why was the area covered with mist? I don't know. Why were they guarding the transport dampener? I don't know. Since when did the monastery get a transport dampener? I don't know. Why not? Because nothing that happened was explained. I get that this is part 1 or 2, but there has to be at least some plot advancement in part 1.

What saved this from 1 Star was the dialog, those parts where I spoke to the NPCs about the situation. These bits of text are well written and make it clear that the author can write. Text could be added in a few spots that would explain some of the story and plot to the player.

Doing that, and fixing the inability to see the entire time the player is on the planet's surface, would add at least a full star to the rating.