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Into The Lions Den
by QuanZen

"Remember the Koybayashi Maru? Well that was just one of many Starfleet Simulations that a Starfleet Cadet must face."

Final Rating: 3 Stars

This is mission is a holodeck training mission for a Starfleet cadet. In this simulation, you and your fellow cadets, designated Extraction Team Bravo, will beam down to Rura Penthe. Your mission: link up with Team Alpha, free Starfleet prisoners, and successfully extract from the area of operations.

You beam down into a snow storm. You locate Alpha's damaged shuttle and are attacked by the local wildlife. You enter the prison facility and, fight your way through to where Alpha is holed up. Both teams are ambushed on the way to the extraction point, but you finally reach it and are beamed up to your ship.

Once there you find out that it's overrun with Klingon boarding parties. You split up and fight your way to Engineering. Once there, the bridge calls and informs you that they're under attack and need help getting the shields refreshed. The engineer walks you through the process and the shields are restored.

Then you head to the shuttle bay to deal with the remaining Klingon soldiers. Afterward, you use your command codes to override the security lock-out so you can take the turbo lift to the bridge.

Once there you take command of the ship and disable the waiting Klingon ships. You set the transwarp gate to blow right after you enter it so that the Klingons can't follow you back to Federation space.

After exiting the holodeck, the Admiral who's been observing the training simulation, critiques your performance and informs you that you've done well.

Problems with the mission: Mission door was not shown in the Mission Tracker.

Survive Mastiff Packs (0/3) Really? Clear cave of enemies (0/3) These are unnecessary, and only serve to make the mission seem longer for no apparent reason.

Some typos - Mission Objective: Kill reaining boarding party & "Myself and the majority of my staff was"? No, I and were.

The engineer tells me to take the shields offline, but the interact bar says I'm taking the Warp Core offline. Which one is it? Then the engineer calls me back and is shocked that I just took the shields offline. What? You just told me to take the shields offline and now you're surprised that the shields are offline?!?!

Final Thoughts: With the exception of a few mistakes, the story and dialog are good. This mission does a good job of being what it's billed as: a training simulation for a Starfleet cadet.

The two biggest things that prevented me from giving this mission 4 stars were not putting the mission door in the Mission Tracker as the first objective and this.