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05-09-2011, 04:01 PM
I am making kdf only content my priority.

The problem is the xp rewards from foundry missions are pathetic, even with the wrapper mission.

For some reason cryptic is avoiding the problem, and giving us no avenue of communication on it.

The wrapper mission is a failed idea, it promotes short expolit missions that require little content.

they wont allow mobs to be worth much xp or skill points because they are concerned with exploits.

It's really frustrating to now have to rethink my missions and the stories I want to tell to fit into a small 5 minute long mission or it wont be played because it's not worth the time spent for the xp earned.

I love the foundry, but my motivation to even continue my series drops every day when I see that no matter how good the story and writing might be, the fact that it will never give as much xp as grinding ships in empire defense will only make using the foundry to level appeal to a small niche.

It's a hard thing to take for a faction that already is battling apathy.