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05-10-2011, 05:51 AM
Yep, the Foundry's probably going to be the way to go. Batting around some ideas in my head, but like the OP, I'm not exactly confident in my writing ability. Playing through a few missions to get inspiration, and to try to "reverse-engineer" what people did and how. Maybe I'll put something together this weekend...

BTW, others have had similar ideas - check out Darren_Kitlor's Klingon Experience Project for one.

Originally Posted by Startruck
It's really frustrating to now have to rethink my missions and the stories I want to tell to fit into a small 5 minute long mission or it wont be played because it's not worth the time spent for the xp earned.
Ach, don't fall into that trap! Create what you want, and put it out there. I suspect there's enough folks out there who'd rather play a well-done hour-long mission than a five-minute farmfest.