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05-10-2011, 08:05 AM
Originally Posted by Gash-jackel View Post
Got to admit Tiuz yours is the best I've seen so far.
Wow, thanks! I'm still adding to it whenever I've got some time.

I've now played every mission that was mentionend in this thread so far.

"The Enduring Syndrome" needs a lot of work. The NPCs are not named and the maps are mostly unchanged. There's a point where there's a nice effect around a warp core after you use a console. But the author used a new map, when he could have used triggers to show the effect. The story was also a bit strange and OOC parts of dialogue where tagged with (( )) instead of using the given methods. You also often don't know what you have to do at certain points. It could be a nice mission, but not without investing a lot of time and effort into it.


"Fungus among us" was short, but nice. The story was good, I liked especially the part at the beginning where you have to modulate your personal shield to block the effects of the fungus. The maps were very nice, too. What I didn't really like was the fact that almost all NPC groups spawned in plain sight, when the dialogue already referred to them before. That confused me every time. But there are ways to fix that and I'm confident that the author will think of something. Disregard that, it was a pretty good mission.


"Red Whispers", now named "Red Omen" had a quite unusual story for a Zombie mission. The colony at the beginning was a bit empty, but the interiors later were nice. A lot of steam. I also liked the planet in the nebula at the end. That looked simply cool. The mission is the first part of a series and I'm definitely playing the second one, too.