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05-10-2011, 09:42 AM
Yes a bit of Confirmation!! ,

This sort of bug (we ALL know the UBER-ships I may be referring to ) should be addressed ASAP by STO. SInce I started playing this game I have run into a number of players who do/have strange skills/abilities and have called them out in zone chat asking just how did you get two of those or 3 Commander EP skills? This post confirms alot of what I have seen/encountered in pvp matches that just make no sense according to the game rules.

Thanks Captain Data for posting this to the forums and not "exploiting" your new found abilities. And shame on anyone that "exploits" a game that we all pay for and expect to have equal odds against any equal player. I mean this is just a game, right?

Play fair Captains and report "strange happenings" to STO and don't use/abuse them. It only makes you look bad.