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# 10 Great idea
05-10-2011, 01:40 PM
This is a great idea! Personally I'm waiting for Season 4 to go live to make my Klingon (what with the actual tutorial coming out and everything) but I really do sympathize with the lack of content to keep players hooked. Like you said, it's a catch-22 - there aren't enough players to justify Cryptic making more content, but because Cryptic isn't making more content there aren't a lot of player....and around and around it goes!

I've been considering making Foundry episodes but have yet to come up with a good enough story I think, so that's on the backburners for now at least.

To those of you who have Foundry ideas and are worred that others won't play them because they're too long, etc. I think playingFoundry missions isn't exactly the most efficient means of getting xp anyway. I for one play the Foundry mission to see the kinds of stories people are coming up with. I play them to take part in my very own Star Trek episode (which was kind of the whole point of the Foundry). So don't be dissuaded! I can't be the only person out there playing for story rather than xp - go ahead and make your missions, people will find them!

Finally, I don't want to get in trouble for any sort of cross-posting, but has anyone seen the Nagus list? He makes and updates a list of Foundry mission for both Feds and Klingons that a outstanding by his measure (and I haven't found one on there that I didn't like). He udpated it just on the 7th, so it's not just a derelict post. I'd highly recommend checking it out and maybe if you've made some missions you want him to review and add to the list, post them there for him to check out!