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05-10-2011, 05:09 PM
It was odd that the two UGC contacts typing at the center consoles ignored the battle and just kept typing. I guess they had a deadline.
I like to read (most of) your reviews, but I think you could do better ones, if you studied the Foundry editor and its limitations a bit.

To an author your quote sounds like stating the obvious. Contacts do NOT interfere in any kind of battle. Contacts named "UGC contacts" = Forgotten to set the display name.

There are reasons to use contacts instead of friend/enemy groups sometimes, depending on mission context and functionality intended for the NPC. While the author could have used group members (which are either friendlies or hostiles) which can have a weighted "job function", and thus can fight, this is just one example of technical choices/limitations in the Foundry.

I think if you just went ahead and created like two or three maps just for fun, your reviews would get even better. A critic without knowledge of the medium he is judging does not run on full impulse and never at warp speed.

Just my humble opinion. Otherwise keep up the neat reviews. If Cryptic ever decides to allow for dual language dialogues or unlimited missions/author, you might see some of mine.