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Murder On The Homefront
by Powerhelm

"A high ranking Starfleet official has been found murdered in a small village on Chapel III."

Final Rating: 3 Stars

You warp into the Chapel system to find that the crime scene has been secured and a medical officer is preparing to begin an autopsy on the victim.

Beaming down, you speak with the doctor who explains that he has the body in a stasis unit and that security is holding the witnesses in a nearby lounge. Speaking with the witnesses gives you a general overview of the events, then you head outside to the crime scene.

After scanning the crime scene you discover a man nearby who is delusional and also obviously the killer. You have security take him into custody and then scan the nearby crates that the Admiral brought with him to the planet. Scans reveal that they contain enough explosives to destroy the entire colony, and that a remote arming device is active. Instead of immediately beaming them into space you decide to head back indoors.

Once there you find the remote terminal that has been rigged to detonate the bomb. Using info you learned from the rambling of the crazy man you're able to decrypt and shut down the detonation program.

Speaking with the doctor again, he informs you that his analysis has revealed that the dead Starfleet Admiral was really an Undine. Then the mission ends.

Problems with the mission: The mission door was not listed in the Mission Tracker. Players have to be able to find your mission even if they forget previous information or go AFK.

The author consistently used it's to mean its. It's is not possessive, its is.

Bugs that I didn't mark down for: Many colonists are named "UGC Contact" and the Admiral's body was floating above the chamber he was supposed to be sealed into.

Major plot issues not resolved:
What was the undine infiltrator trying to blow up? And where exactly did he get and how was he able to transport that much explosives? Those crate are the size of automobiles. Federation security must be a real joke if someone can just take a ship to another planet with 3 cars full of explosives powerful enough to crack a planet.

Why did simply reading the undine's mind cause the betazed to go insane? We've seen betazoids in the shows read a lot of strange minds and not go suddenly insane.

And most importantly, why did my captain not immediately have the explosives beamed into space? By not doing so he criminally endangered the lives of everyone on the planet's surface and should be immediately relieved of command for incompetence!

Final Thoughts: A well written, if simple and straightforward mission. However, the ending was anti-climactic and left too many important issues unresolved. I'm not certain if this was supposed to be a murder mystery or a statement about how badly the Federation has been infiltrated by the Undine.