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05-10-2011, 07:18 PM
I have been pretty turned off by this in some of the missions I've played. I don't really like everyone telling me that my captain has hundreds of friends he's forgotten about, especially when the missions depend on the character making some sort of accusation (The most common I've seen is "You've sold out!") at me. People's captains are of highly varied races and it's going to be incredibly difficult to accommodate that. Given what we see in Enterprise, for example, it seems unlikely you'd have an old Andorian friend of your Tellarite captain. Add in Alien captains and you start running into impossible to conquer barriers. What if someone's character's backstory has them escaping from an alternate universe? Just about every possible opening for a mission like that is erased.

People clearly don't read the mission descriptions as it is, so any mission you write that is going to be highly dependent on the player accepting the background you've laid out for them is probably going to get a lot of negative reviews. Taking all of that into account, you're making your mission for a very small number of people. It just doesn't feel worth it.

Is it an interesting concept? Somewhat. Do I trust other foundry authors to write the background or romance of my character? Sorry, but with the way the tools are right now, I just can't do that. Too much variation in expected behavior for that to be rationalized away for me.