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05-10-2011, 07:17 PM
What a great topic!

As a player I really respect with an author takes on a challenge such as this. I have played a few mission and some arcs that touch on this. I even played one where the female science contact at a crippled science station was an old flame of my Ship's highest ranking tactical officer (who happens to be my Number on in my RP mind). It was very sublte, but quite daring, considering if my BO had of been a woman it might have been strange, depending ofc.

I think foundry can have a great role in these types of missions. I believe that there must be a very high level of scrutiny on your storyline to make it work. Like all mission I suppose, but more so in that it deals with a player's officers who may not be compatible with the story you are trying to tell. I often keep an open mind on everything - even though I can be quite strict on MY created rp bubble... but I've developed an on/off switch lately.

I think the best way for these types of missions to succeed is by having pre-set parameters in place. That way it should help budding mission creators keep in line with the personalities of the bridge officers or even captains they are involving in such storylines.

Parameters that the player can set for themselves and their officers and which are used in the mission like branching dialog options. This could lead to a very complex branching mission, but wouldn't it have to be complex in order to really work at the right level?

So, character perameters like a checkbox system or a drop down menu system. Just a few things like:

My captain is: "Male [ ] ...... Jovial [ ] , Depressed [ ] , Over Confident [ ], Allergic to Cats [ ]" etc, and eventually work it down to things like:

My Captain enjoys " Outdoor activities [ ] , social gathering [ ], academic entertainment [ ] "

With such parameters in place it could be helpful for mission creators to set up missions which allow past flames or long lost relatives or accidentally clones of the target player to get some grounding in the player's created background.

Hmm probably not making much sense at 3 am.

I tend to always unlock that 5th star on the rating to mission authors who take that risky step into such things, so yes, with some more official support its something I think could happen big time - and in the meantime, its doable, if at the very least in very sublte ways so as not to be too overbearing on what a playing person might have already created in their mind's eye.