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Eyes Only
by Zarrax

"You have been tasked by Starfleet Command to assist in the recovery of information from a troubled Cardassian mining operation on one of the stations in the Cardassian sector of Beta Ursae."

Final Rating: 2 Stars

Warping into the system you find something unusual on the sensors, but you decide to ignore that and head to the mining colony. The asteroid colony's shields are down and they're non-responsive. You can't beam over because of the massive interference from the unusual thing on sensors that you've decided to ignore, so you have to take a shuttle.

On the way to the shuttle bay you decide to pick up medical supplies, but because they're Cardassians you have to do some research and create them from scratch. Once at the shuttle bay you have to do some alterations on the shuttle. Doesn't anyone else work on this ship but me?

Once you get out of the shuttle the first thing you see is a body. That's never a good sign. Then you have the option to tag the body for transport (I thought the transporters didn't work).

Searching the computers yields no useful information. Searching the bodies reveals the commander, who is still alive and wants you to know that the big shiny thing could have made Cardassia great again. Scanning the shiny thing causes your ship to call in with a report that a big symbol is all over the screens. You give the order to transport back, even though you had to take a shuttle because transporters won't work because of the interference.

Arriving in your Ready Room, you take a call from an Admiral who yells at you to "Destroy Omega!" before hanging up. Uhm... ok. What's Omega? Thanks for the info. Then the bridge calls. It seems that they've managed to clear the interference and they found a Borg sphere hiding beside the unusual thing that you decided to ignore. The Borg have beamed Omega aboard so you decide to beam over to the Borg sphere.

Aboard the Borg sphere you scan a couple of some of their systems, which gives you no info, but you do notice that the Borg are praying to Omega. You decide to scan a bunch more Borg consoles, but this also does nothing. You find out how to destabilize the Omega Molecule (oh, so that's what Omega is), but this sets off Borg security, so it's time to beam back to the ship, even though the Borg sphere's shields are up.

More Borg ships warp in. After quickly destroying them you decide to beam several torpedoes into the Borg sphere (even though its shields are up) and it explodes. Situation over.

Problems with the mission: Capitalizing the first word in a sentence is not optional. Sentences must end with punctuation. And trivorders?

Why am I replicating the medical supplies? Does no one else work on this ship? Once again, why am I working on the shuttle? Puzzles are great, but not when they make no sense.

Lower the containment field to get better scan data? Wait what?? I'm not lowering the containment field and risking releasing the thing that killed everyone else here!

Wait, why am I beaming aboard the Borg sphere again? Why not just destroy it?

Final Thoughts: Why does no one explain to me what Omega is? Or that it's the Omega Molecule? Or what the Omega Molecule even is? Yes I know what it is, but not everyone has seen that one Voyager episode.

Why did I ignore the big anomaly in space that's causing so many problems? And why did the transporters suddenly work when a minute ago they didn't? And why did they work through the Borg ship's shields? And why were the Borg praying to Omega?

A story is about explaining things to the audience. When this mission ends there's too many things that were never explained.