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# 25 FSN story on Karadok Lykos
05-11-2011, 04:47 AM
“Come in come in please make yourself comfortable. I am sorry there is not much room we really don’t have a lot of room on these ships you see. So you are doing a piece on various commanders in the fleet for the FNN.”

Karadok Lykos of the 12th fleet was an interesting looking person to say the least. His full beard and long hair pulled into a ponytail most certainly made him look more like a Rock Star than a Doctor. He was muscular and not particularly tall at 6ft. yet he had a commanding presence and at the same time a kind gentle personality that made you instantly like him. Indeed within minutes of meeting him you may well find yourself talking to him like a long lost friend or someone you have known all your life.

“I am honored but I really think there are many commanders in the 12th that would make a better subject after all I’m just a Captain in a hospital ship.”

He was also humble and a very hospitable I believe he asked at least a dozen times during the interview if I needed anything. He sat down in a chair next to a bookcase full of books not PADDs just books. I had heard that about him that he preferred books to PADDs. As I sat my recording device down I looked around at his quarters to say they were Spartan would be an understatement. Aside from the books there were a few pictures on his desk and a 21st Century Stethoscope. This caught my eye so I had to ask about it of course. Here is his story in his own words.

Oh yes that is my most prized possession. You see it belonged to my great, great, great, great well a lot of greats back there grandmother. Her name was Kyra Magdalen Lykos . In the 21st Century she was a great research scientist doctor. She is the one who discovered the genome sequencing that lead to the cures for aids and some minor cancers.

Now I was not going to originally study medicine at the academy but I showed some skill in our basic medicine classes and my instructor one Commander Engressing kept trying to change my mind. He finally asked me to read a book about Leonard “Bones” McCoy you know that man was a genius. Well I was convinced McCoy became my hero and I decided to become a doctor. There was more to it than that though. In the book I saw the name Kyra Magdalen Lykos. I recalled my father having something in a display case that had belonged to her. The next time I talked to my dad I asked about it. He said he wasn’t sure where it was anymore.

You can imagine how disappointed I was about that. So anyways I graduated Star Fleet Academy and went on to Star Fleet Medical. The day of my graduation from Star Fleet medical my parents handed me cigar boxed sized present. I knew that didn’t have a lot of money so I started to protest but they told me to wait until I had opened it to say anything. So I did and in that box was this stethoscope which had belonged to Kyra Lykos.

At this Karadok lets out a hearty laugh. There is a twinkle in his eyes. No wonder people were drawn to him…no wonder his crew would do anything for their Captain.

You see my Dad had known where it was all along. When he heard I would study medicine he took it out and had it engraved. “To our dearest son may the spirit and intelligence of Kyra guide you as the newest doctor in the Lykos line.” Well the plaque it is mounted on says that anyways of course that would never have fight on the Stethoscope itself. At that time it became my most prized possession especially after I lost both of my parents. There is a sudden sadness in those eyes that just pierces you to the soul. It only lingers a moment and then vanishes. You know this ship is named after her the U.S.S. Kyra Magdalen. We conclude the interview and I thank Captain Lykos. I could tell you more but this is the piece that sticks out the most in my mind and so dear reader there you have the story of Captain Lykos’ most prized possession.
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