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When I asked Peregrine to review my first mission, I did expect honesty and I got it.

quote "And trivorders?"

If I managed only one spelling mistake I class that as a plus.

quote "Capitalizing the first word in a sentence is not optional. Sentences must end with punctuation."

Yes agreed, mistypes do happen and can be fixed when I get chance to.

quote "Why am I replicating the medical supplies? Does no one else work on this ship? Once again, why am I working on the shuttle?"

If I just said this was being done, you would have less to do, and there is no way currently for you to have your away team actually do things in the Foundry, so you have to do them yourself. I thought that by adding in Cardassian requirements rather than just going over with the standard cure-all hypo made more sense. Having to make adjustments on the fly for the anomalies interference added to the mission in my opinion.

quote "Why does no one explain to me what Omega is?"

OK more info is needed, I assumed (wrongly) that since I had seen the episode everyone else who played STO had also seen it and knew what Omega was. Although the information was not to be disseminated amongst the crew, I guess I should inform the Captain involved just in case they hated Voyager and didn't know about this directive.

I can expand on the Admiral's explanation and give more details out at that point, as well as lengthening the Cardassian Commanders dialog to explain why they brought IT on-board prior to you finding out what IT is.

I will add lines getting the science dept to work on cutting through the interference to get the transporters working in time for the beamout and to do more digging into the anomaly itself.

I think I will alter the dialog from borg shields raised to raising giving you chance to get out and then to deposit torpedoes later if this is a better scenario than a miraculous ability of getting around Borg shields.

I did think of adding dialog about required reading from the academy regarding the Borg reaction to Omega but since Omega is Captain Eyes Only, it wouldn't really be on the curriculum so I can't see anyway of getting the point across that the Borg's fascination with Omega borders on the almost religious need for its perfection.

One thing I noticed when playing it again that wasn't mentioned probably because it may be seen as a foundry limitation was when beaming out of the Ready room, the dialog states the away team has just docked in the shuttle when clearly they are in the room with you. Originally I had put the spawn point in a corner but prior to publishing it I ran though it for about the 5th time and managed to a ppear in the wall so moved it so I couldn;t be marked down by being incompletable so I guess I will also have to alter that dialog too.

I am grateful for the opinions expressed here, by Peregrine, for taking his time to review all the missions people have asked him to, and if anyone else would care to try this mission either before or after alterations, be my guest.

At least I'm not HIghlander 2 with phasers lol.

(please note I went out of my way to check punctuation and capitalisation in the reply)