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05-11-2011, 04:33 PM
quote "Why am I replicating the medical supplies? Does no one else work on this ship? Once again, why am I working on the shuttle?"

If I just said this was being done, you would have less to do, and there is no way currently for you to have your away team actually do things in the Foundry, so you have to do them yourself. I thought that by adding in Cardassian requirements rather than just going over with the standard cure-all hypo made more sense. Having to make adjustments on the fly for the anomalies interference added to the mission in my opinion.
It is a better example of what I said earlier. You can play it all on one map actually.
"Why do I fight those Federation Rebels? Let my security team do it."
"Why do I replicate XYZ? Let the guy that usually hands me my drinks handle it..."
"Why do I patrol this section of space? Let my tactical officer go out there in a shuttle..."

Yes, through dialogue you can have all that happen. But you do not see any action then. Also, not all characters are VAs. Some might still remember their initial training and perhaps like to get their hands dirty.
((Aside from the fact, if a Cryptic mission states you to exterminate some plant life... You.. do it? ))

You say you only judge on story value, but you do not. You critizise on technical limitations. Some people are better working around them then others. And for some there simply is not work around. If you say:

But I am reviewing stories, not the limitations of the Foundry tools. And I am reviewing them from the point of view of someone who isn't a Foundry author. Why? Because most of the people who play and rate your missions are not Foundry authors. They're not going to cut authors any slack for issues that they're not aware of and so I don't either.
It is hypocrisy. People who actually want to play those missions might be reading your reviews to find a good one. They are written quite smug 'n smart, but I have found some good missions myself rated badly by you - and you cannot tell me it was because of the story there. It was about "technical" or "pseudo-technical" issues.

"Why do I have to fight those Klingons on the ground? Can't I just order their base bombarded?"
Ultimately: "Why do I do anything myself? I am a Vice Admiral. Let some fleets go there, clean up whatever mess they find."

Really, you are doing great reviews, but do not get arrogant about some minor points. That is a talent I HAVE and DO NOT want to share.

If a story is bad, in most - not all - cases I agreed with you. My own Foundry contributions are very much dialogue heavy. If there was a German Peregine, though, would I get a low rating because he had to go sabotage a station and click on the targets himself?