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05-11-2011, 08:40 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
i did add about 4 or 5 optional things to do. they are sort of like Easter eggs so you can walk right past them in fairness but they are there.
Just played for the first time tonight. Either I completely missed those eggs, or I stumbled on them and thought they were part of the story. Will replay this weekend with my nose to the ground

As for the initial space combat, I fought two carriers (single-ship spawns) that I just couldn't take down solo - but once I kited them into the "support" NPCs, they went down quickly. Then again, I was playing my ground-specc'ed Captain on Advanced flying a raptor without BFAW, and I can see how I could solo 'em if I updated my build... Maybe the reviewer had a similar issue? Regardless, I had no other issues with space combat.

[[ Spoiler Alert ]] Was curious about the named Romulan ship - did I miss a trigger somewhere, or is it just there to fight?