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# 1 Cake... the Tasty Frontier
05-12-2011, 03:58 AM
Why didnt I think of this before????

In my on going quest to create new alts to level up to Lt 9 before getting bored of them and starting again I stumbled upon, perhaps, the greatest cover up in human history (disengage Ian McKellen accent). I have now made a Liberated Borg Science officer. His name... Captain Batten Borg He may be named after a cake, but he is delivering justice via a swift kick to the Vanilla Pods of the Klingon Empire!

Victory has never rotted so many teeth or tasted so good!

What other food based Characters can we come up with in this thread? I only ask due to the amount of Bacon Torpedoes and Chees String Warp Trails I see flying around Ten Forward