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05-12-2011, 06:43 AM
In the mission I am working on I get the player to play two characters. Their Prime Universe and their Peace Keeper Alliance Universe counterpart. How I approached it was as you are playing basically a new character who is you but not you in an alternative universe, you start of on another vessel as it's former first officer. In the first mission you are only a captain in this universe. I got the idea from "in a Mirror Darkly" where Archer is the First officer of Enterprise and not captain in the Mirror universe. It's a way of helping the player understand that there are major differences as well as likenesses in all universes. Also it serves as a nice tutorial base so you can understand the universe your counterpart lives in better. Also it's easier to throw in some nice captain background without interfering with your prime character.

I hope the players can follow this approach though. It's pretty difficult writing a plot line where you actually play two separate characters