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I did request GM help and this has no been forwarded to the bug ticket system so Cryptic is 'dealing with it'.

In other news has anyone else had this problem or know how this can be fixed?

I bought the CE version and activated the code which gave me the red matter capacitor in the c store. After obtaining the item I used it then discarded it after the buff had worn off but before the cooldown ended. Now the c store says 'already purchased' and when I hover over that it says the item is already in my inventory.

Whether the circumstances of the item being in cooldown matter I don't know but I had herd people have this trouble before and instead of watching paint dry I thought maybe the community would give me something preferably not automated:p (you can tell I'm used to Cryptic's customer service by now).

At the very least we can hopefully pull together our requests that this bug be looked at asap as this is real money we are paying and slgihtly different to an in game item.

Thank you in advance.