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05-12-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by RKRider
I'm playing with a mission thread that allows your captain to "flirt with" an NPC. The first problem I had to tackle is what if the NPC is a man & your Cpt is also a man. To solve that I use triggers and 2 NPC's one male, one female.

Now I'm trying to make the verbiage flirtatious but not male or female specific... because the next issues is.... what if your male captain decides to pick the male NPC.

Not sure if it will ever make it into a mission... but it is interesting to play with.
That just gave me an idea. What about a mission where your Capatin is drawn into a quarrel between two(former?) lovers and has to resolve the matter. In the dialogue option you could choose different options about your Captains past experiences..

The multiple choice angle is probably going to work well for Inner Space Exploration. Maybe during some sort of spiritual event (like a species in your debt honors you by sharing one of their religious rituals).