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05-12-2011, 03:55 PM
(Edited to add screenshots)

Starfleet 500 Day Vet Reward jacket and belt

500 Day Vet + purchase Jupiter Uniform Pack = Vet-Bling(tm) option on all Jupiter Uniforms

Jupiter Uniforms pack sneak peak

To clear up a few of your questions regarding the Federation 500 Day Veteran rewards:

The 500 Day Veteran Reward includes:

1 Jupiter Series Veteran Uniform Jacket
This is a unique jacket, in one of our new styles. (*See note below*)
You will be able to choose a Veteran Decorated version, with metallic decoration on the shoulders, or a non-decorated version, if you don't want to wear the vet-bling.

1 United Federation of Planets belt

It's sweet, trust me. =)

Bonus for the Federation 500 Day Rewards:

Veteran Decoration on 5 upcoming uniforms

After we made the Veteran Uniform option with the metallic decoration on the shoulders, I thought... "Hey, that looks cool... can I put that on a few more uniforms?" And yes, I can. So I went ahead and made "Veteran Decorated" variants of all the new Jupiter Uniforms coming out. If you are a 500 Day Vet, and you purchase the upcoming Jupiter Uniform pack, those uniforms will give you the option to use a Veteran Decorated material on it. It's just another way for us to add an extra little treat for our Vet players.

What's the Jupiter Series?

"Jupiter" is the name we have given our new series of uniforms. You can think of a "series" as a style, including the cut and texture. It's a thematic look for a set of uniforms. The uniforms currently called "A" and "B" are 2 series currently in the game, and they are being renamed to "Antares" and "Sierra". The Antares uniforms all have a similar feel to them, as do the Sierra. The Jupiter are a longer cut, with a generally "higher ranking" feel to them. We wanted the 500 Day Veteran reward to have this same feel, so we went the new Jupiter series feel.

Hope that helps a bit! Let me know if you have any more questions!