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yes - Another thread for this..why? because the logic so far against it doesnt fit.

SO, even though this has been hashed and rehashed, from what ive seen, we keep hearing how this is some heated topic due to the age issue. That doesnt hold water. Id love the Movie refit Constitution. Yes its old...but its contemporary with many BOPs, the Excelsior, some Klingon cruisers, and that Vulcan Sci ship-- all already in the game or sold via c-store.

Excelsior-class - Active: 2280s - 2370s

Constitution-class refit - Active: 2270s with the Motion Picture and went on to get upgrades into the Mid 2290s as seen in Star Trek 6 with the new bridge refit.

Klingon K't'inga Class - Active: 2270s - 24th century

BOP B'rel class - Active: 2280s2370s

And, coup de gras - Vulcan D'Kyr Sci ship - vessel of the Vulcan High Command active during the - 2150s.'Kyr

So, I dont see the argument for the ship being too old. Plus, the inclusion of most of the above mentioned ships negates any argument that Cryptic wont make the TOS Refit Connie due to age issues... And, lets face it, this thing would probably net Cryptic more cash than the D'Kyr and the B'rel combined. So, lets have at it!!