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Originally Posted by overlordthor View Post
You should also note that Borg dont run around with the same shielding most races do, the initial shots from an enemy strike the ship, until they learn to adapt. See the first encounter with the Borg on TNG, in the episode Q Who, the phaser hits the Borg Cube and does a lot of damage, not striking a shield, until after they adapt. Same goes for ground weapons, they dont have any protection until they adapt.
Yeah, transphasic torpedoes were only used against the Borg in the show, and were designed specifically to counter their adaptation technology, so we have absolutely no idea how they would have effected anyone else.

In game, it could very well be implemented that Transphasics work like Tricobalts to the Borg, but work just like they do now to everyone else, and that would be completely consistent with the show.

I think they need to remain balanced to other torpedos. Let them do more damage to shielded ships, for those who want to use them for DPS, but less damage to bare hull. I believe that's the concept, it's just not currently implemented to match that.