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05-13-2011, 12:27 PM
In and Out is both "whole food" and "junk food" at their highest levels.

Their fries are cut from potatoes on site, and fried (in vegetable oil) once, then served. Most fast food fries are "twice fried" and frozen inbetween.. that is they are cut, fried, frozen, then shipped, and refried on site.

The In and Out menu is notoriously sparse. There are very few "options" stated on their menu. While they will create variations for you, you are of course limited to the materials available. There's no bacon, no swiss cheese.. This isn't Burger King. Your choices are meat, cheese, bread, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and fried onions. There is no chicken, no fish, no salads, no onion-rings.. just burgers, fries, drinks... that's it.

As such, In and Out is considered something of a "Guys" burger place.. and was mentioned in The Big Lebowski.

It's not a bad place to eat, if you're in the mood for what they offer. But personally I find their fries oily and disgusting, and I like a little more variety in my fast food.