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05-13-2011, 10:21 PM
I am guilty of this.

But in my opinion, having an NPC fit into my story is very important. And to be honest, I play STO since launch and I never realized that people target the healer first. Well, I suck at fighting and this might just be one of the reasons why.

In over 70 reviews, I've been told do revert the NPCs once and I understand why. However, I tried to find out which one of the NPC is the healer and give him an appropriate uniform. Trouble is, that seems to change sometimes. So what am I supposed to do? The type of uniform these NPCs wear is a vital clue not only for this mission but for future missions as well.

I decided to still use the appropriate uniform but color or slightly different and also giving unnamed NPCs numbers. So, a player will see that "Security Hologram 3" is the healer and be able to target him first, if he wants to do that.
It might not be a perfect solution but as long as Cryptic randomizes these kind of things, there is no real way to prevent this.
Besides, my missions don't emphasize combat so any fight will be comparatively easy anyway.