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05-14-2011, 02:02 AM
Originally Posted by Blayyde
Yeah, transphasic torpedoes were only used against the Borg in the show, and were designed specifically to counter their adaptation technology, so we have absolutely no idea how they would have effected anyone else.

In game, it could very well be implemented that Transphasics work like Tricobalts to the Borg, but work just like they do now to everyone else, and that would be completely consistent with the show.
On thing to keep in mind though, about the show, is that Janeway took anti-borg tech from the future to the past. Which means it was something brand new to the Borg. And since it killed cubes, they didn't have nearly as much time to adapt. Which is much the same as how the Undine blew up borg cubes with ease. Odds are, had Picard been sick and turned command over to Worf in that TNG episode, that cube would have gone boom nicely too and the borg wouldn't have adapted as quickly.

And since Janeway's day of boomage, the Borg have had years to adapt to transphasic technology. Years in which they have assimilated other species, plus probably the occasional ship from Feds and other Alpha Quadrant races.

Borgs being weak to Transphasics doesn't make sense from a lore perspective. Borg aren't stupid, they'd have adapted.

I think they need to remain balanced to other torpedos. Let them do more damage to shielded ships, for those who want to use them for DPS, but less damage to bare hull. I believe that's the concept, it's just not currently implemented to match that.
Yeah, this I agree with.

I think the problem is that the devs focused on the damage to hulls on shielded targets when they should have been looking at total damage, to both hull and shields on shielded targets. Right now, a quantum deals more damage to a shielded ship, between hull and shield damage, than even the rapid fire transphasic.

And that means unless you kill ships with shields still up, quantums are the superior torp, both against shielded and unshielded targets.

If the devs just raised the damage to the right balance point, so that quantums outdamage them on shieldless targets, but transphasics do more total damage on shielded ones, you'd strike just about the right balance point.