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05-14-2011, 03:07 AM
Originally Posted by IllGottenBooty
Cryptic, Instead of another nerf which is wrong to begin with. Set it up so players can respec the alts for the current PVP strategies. Nerfing everything is just ruining the game for everyone else. No matter what there will be a few members that will complain about everything. Please just charge them like 50,000 ec's and let them respec. Leave the rest of the game mechanics alone.
Balance tweaks are needed, some things need nerfed, others need to be buffed (I'm looking at you aux2bat!). If this weren't the case everyone would eventually be flying the same setup that is deemed most powerful. Better balance means more viable setups which means more variety.

However, no matter what Cryptic does to balance it's not going to make your strategy of loading up your ship with abilities that sound cool and pressing space bar until all the ****** NPCs are dead. The only thing you have to fear is Cryptic taking measures to make PvE suck less by spec'ing NPC ships properly and improving the AI so it's not at the level of a cat randomly swatting at a computer keyboard. (actually, I think that's being generous to the AI :p)

How people can possibly be so passionate about such a bad part of this game is beyond me. The only thing interesting in STO is PvP. PvE play in this game is pathetic and carebear. You pay your sub, buy your C-store tank tops and wait weeks for a new 10 minute mission to come out so that you can play it 50 times over while you wait and pay too much money for the next one. It's no wonder people at Cryptic seem to think they are above their customers!

PvE is so terrible that you only need to use a small portion of your brain when you're doing it. I had a fleet mate who literally prepped for his A+ certification while leveling up an alt. If you think that's bad, you don't even want me to go into some of the things I've done to keep myself from dying of boredom while leveling. It's not pretty.

If you don't PvP, you're wasting your time and your money, and balance has no effect on your play-style (any thoughts to the contrary are completely psychosomatic). And if you do PvP, you care about balance. It's that simple.

The one part of your post that I agree with is the call for cheaper respecs. However, your logic is totally disconnected because if from this point on nothing got nerfed, no one would have any dire need to respec anyway.