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05-14-2011, 11:09 AM
its not spam if you only carry one copy of the skill. but with me saying that, im almost 100% sure they didnt intend for this game to actually have people use teamwork to get things done. all the skills seem to be set up on the mentality of "im by myself, ill win the day" so when you then have 5 people using those skills is when it gets out of hand.

so much for this being an mmo.
The system is oddly "designed" that way.

Due to the ridicilious number of BO powers each ship has to slot, it is inevitable there are tons of overlaps. They had to create a complicated cooldown system i nthe first place to manage that per player. But that doesn't adress the problem of team setups.

It probably started with stacking Beam Target Subsystems and Attack Pattern Beta (though its self-self-stacking must probably be considered a seperate issue), and continued with Photonic Shockwave, Scramble Sensors and Gravity Well. And one could also argue it's a problem with the healing skills.

For PSW, they found a "fix" with the temporary immunity/clearance effect. Something like that can be applied to most issues now, but it has drawbacks - primarily for PuGgers that suddenly find themselves in teams heavily focused on one skill, hindering each other's effectivens.

But one has to wonder if they shouldn't try another angle. But maybe it's too late for that now.
But if you consider how things work with the PvE enemies? They have very few powers, which is part of their total failure as threat to the players with 20 or more of them (8 BOs, Captain and Device Powers). In Champions that would have worked, you have a lot less powers there as player as well, but in STO it's insufficient. Now our natural approach to solve the issue with PvE is to up the number of powers and make them smarter in using them.

But maybe we, as players, should simply have less powers? What if we we only had the highest level power of every BO slot we currently have?

Of course the entire cooldown system and duration system would need a major overhaul for that to work. But I guess changes of this nature are best left to companies like SOE, that don't need players. :p