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05-14-2011, 03:09 PM
Originally Posted by trekbaby9000 View Post
Regardless of your personal opinion, the game is designed so you can see who the healer is. That is how the Devs intended it to be.
Actually I don't believe it is. You are only assuming that based on the fact they named them. They could have named then for a dozen reasons. Simplest of which could be so that they knew which assests to place. You find me a dev quote that states as much as you claim otherwise your making an assumption that may be right or wrong.

Furhtermore for Foundry use, if you want to create an alien culture, you have no choice but to rename them. An alien Zarian (fictional alien species) who is actually a costumed mirror federation enemy group, that still says Mirror Commander Medic is so totally going to ruin the story of the mission. When it comes to the foundry immersion trumps a supposed gameplay mechanic every time. It's the inherent risk you take when choosing to play foundry missions.