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05-14-2011, 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by TrueEvilDude
The contacts don't work quite the same way on the reruns. You go to your bridge and select the missions (in fact you can select them all at once). Because they are reruns you just go straight to the start point; so for instance on the breen/deferi missions you just enter the deferi system and escort the ship. On the devidian missions you just go to Donatu system and start the missions, etc. Cloaked intentions rerun is next week so hold off on those so you get the extra rewards etc.

Since i selected all the missions from my bridge at once, when i was on drozana station i had the option of running them in any order and not the order they were released in.. so be careful which option you select at the various doorways etc
Thank you very very much! So you can repeat all former missions when ever you want?! i just checked and the rewards are very cool, with the breen missions i saw you can collect a very nice set so i also can do the breen reruns over and over until i have the set a couple of times? or is there a limit?